The Special Nature Reserve "Deliblatska Peščara"

Location, origin and geomorphology

The largest European continental sandy terrain, covering the area of 350 km2, is located in the southeast part of the Pannonian Plain, in Vojvodina. The Deliblato Sands was formed during the Ice Age from sand deposits which were shaped by the wind into a unique and distinct dune relief.

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Flora, vegetation and fauna

Flora is characterized by 1,000 plant species which build the sand, steppe, forest, marsh and water plant communities. The larger part of the Deliblato Sands is covered with acacia and pine forests. The most typical wildlife species in the central part are:  the steppe peony, Virgilian oak, endemic insect tentyria and steppe gerbil, while the Danube area is home to pygmy cormorants and thousands of migratory birds.

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Tourism offer

The Student Recreation Center “Čardak” is suitable for schoolchildren and sportspeople. Full board is provided for 130 guests, and the restaurant can sit up to 400 people. In addition to activities organized in classrooms and halls, there are also outdoor activities, such as hiking and outdoor training. The Education Center “Čardak” (capacity 16 beds, halls can sit 50) has two pavilions which can sit 100 people.

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